Texas Anti-Choice Legislation Lacks Intelligence

The Texas anti-choice bill requires doctors to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals, only allow abortions in surgical centers and ban abortions after 20 weeks.

*First Lack of Reason*

One can understand a response of outrage for the actions of Kermit Gosnell and for the Texas legislature to attempt to mitigate the possibility that it might occur in its state ; however , the legislature should not be allowed to ignore statistics for its basis of laws .

The added requirements for surgical room standards and for admission requirements on physicians is statistically unfounded in the first trimester when 88% of all abortions are performed and the probability of death is near 1 in on million for the current facility standards ; and , bleeding to death is not even remotely imminent !

After 16 weeks , the probability of mortality increases to 1 in 29,000 , and that may be a legitimate opportunity to compensate for concerns that third trimester abortions may be performed , and to include a change of venue and facility standards , based upon more complicated procedures due to a larger foetus .

Unfortunately , Texas legislators preferred to bully pulpit a debase agenda founded upon unnecessary safety requirements ( just like government berating heartbeat legislation ) but neglected a requirement that the procedure be available ; so , bounce it out of court it is to go .

*Second Lack of Reason*

If the anti-choice proponents wished to make an issue that an otherwise healthy foetus is to be excluded past 20 weeks , their position could have included an element of intelligence and regard for the well being of its constituents , assuming that exceptions were included for genetic abnormalities and for the procedural restrictions inherent to – Amniocentesis – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .

Amniocentesis cannot be performed until 15 to 20 weeks , depending upon foetus size , and those who undergo the procedure risk as high as 1 in 100 probability of miscarriage as a result .

By compelling parents to deliver children and to contend with a lifetime of expense and responsibility for genetic abnormalities , without a provision for timely results and to make a valued decision ( 24 weeks ) , pro-life is pro-death !

*Third Lack of Reason*

Viability is the point at which there is a 50% probability for survival outside of the womb and it has remained at 24 weeks for nearly 12 years ; and , a 23 week old foetus is not placed on neonatal life support because of limited survival and because prior to 24 weeks developmental abnormalities increase significantly .

According to law , a foetus is neither a citizen  nor equal with one ; a state does not concern itself with when ” life ” begins ; a state concerns itself with when a wright to life for a citizen begins .

Roe v Wade applied birth for citizenship , given in the 14th amendment , in its decision to rule that states interests for the potential wright to life grows from the point of viability .

Prior to viability a foetus is the property of the mother who is responsible for deciding to continue her genetic identity .

*Freaks of Gawd*

One may maintain an emphasis on reality , that genetic continuance is the meaning of an afterlife and that individuals are responsible to secure their own determinism for a chance at eternal life through their genetic continuance ;  that it , there is not a waking up from a dirt nap except as is expressed in metaphor for passing on one genetic identity to ones offspring .

When individuals forego their option to procreate , by terminating a pregnancy , other opportunities continue to exist ; abortion does not statistically increase chances for miscarriage , or for infertility , or for other detrimental health issues .

While an emphasis on a value for ones own life and on quality for all life are important , elective abortion neither diminishes the overall potentiality of hue mammon life , nor does it trivialize , nor promote the genocide of life that others seek to secure for themselves .

The Texas legislature spent a couple of million dollars in special session , proving its ignorance , and it would be appropriate to compel those who supported the authoritarian , unconstitutional legislation to pay for its defence with their own funds , rather than conscripting the unwilling taxpayer , which seems to be their own mantra .


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