Three Illegal Immigration Remedies Politicians Continue to Ignore

*One : Reduce Overall Levels of Legal Immigration*

The US is the third most populous country in the world after china and india ; neither the world nor the US needs more humans .

Approximately 1.4 million permanent immigrants arrive to the US annually , which is approximately 120,000 per month !

Which size of bureaucracy does such an influx demand from the US taxpayer ?

In 1965 there was a quota of 150,000 , which was doubled to 300,000 and chain immigration was added for direct and extended family members (foreign wives and foreign husbands followed by their foreign families , ad nausea) , which was not subject to a quota , all first come first serve over job skill !

In addition to unemployment , there are concerns for the environment , encroachment on other species and limitations for natural resources .

*Two :  Reduce Legal Visas to Host Countries Based Upon The Number of Illegal Immigrants from Those Countries*

The 2007 Center for Immigration Studies survey found that between 1980 and 2007 approximately 37 million legal immigrants came to the US , and 54% combined were from mexico , central and south america , with 1 illegal for every legal from mexico and central america and 1 illegal for every two legals from south america .

The US is responsible for its own legal immigration policies and by poignantly reducing legal visas to citizens of host countries , without granting amnesty , those individuals who are here legally from those countries and who want their family to join them , or those who want to come to the US from those countries , are most influential and capable of controlling , prohibiting , and especially not granting quarter to those who are here illegally .

*Three : Have Host Countries Grant Citizenship to The Child of Illegal Mothers at Birth*

Although the US Fourteenth amendment grants citizenship by manifest destiny of birth in a State and in these United States , congress should adopt the following endeavour for public policy of law .

If a mother is illegally in the US and has a child , the United States policy should be to secure citizenship for the child from the host country of the mother .

The policy would mitigate any humanitarian issue of family separation and also prevent parents without proper documentation from acquiring social subsistence for their children – who would otherwise be citizens , based upon their income .


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