USA NASA Investments

The transition to private contractors to support LEO is well on its way , with an absence for a public private trust paradigm .

Rather than placing $40 billion dollars to put up an anal retentive border fence and create a land for the fearful and not the free , invest an additional $5 billion per year in NASA deployment of a rotating wheel space station at L5 and to accelerate a moon base deployment ; add dirigibles on mars , or solar sails , or interferometers for remote space transport , or rail gun supply delivery !

A rotating wheel space station would be required to solve artificial gravity and solar wind shielding , both necessary for deep space habitation and colonization !

The level of expertise required for such adventures upgrades the technical skills of the US work force to astounding depths and upward levels !

Such centres of communication are how education is funded and outreached , not by forestalling such a programs by 5 years and throwing money at those least capable of continuing higher order legacies !

Some have speculated that approximately ten percent of a federal budget should be for investments in research and technology development .

Private contractors are capable of funding their own adventures in robot space mining !

However , it is NASA which is capable of facilitating a utility for more magnanimous hue mammon ventures !

Inspiration is important and sew is national strides !


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